Has  it's foundation in todays' modern, sleek Siamese cat.
The  Oriental Shorthair is a person's desire to see  today's modern Siamese in a
different colour , pattern .
Achieved their championship status in 1977 in the states.
In Canada   (CCA) the Oriental longhair and  Oriental shorthair are judged with
the same standards.
Not to be confused with the Javanese or Balinese.
The Oriental longhair is a long haired  Oriental shorthair
They are neither Balinese or Javanese
They were formerly known as the British Angora before being renamed in 2002 by
British cat fanciers in order to avoid confusion with the Turkish Angora.

They are a
pure breed all on their own.

I breed and show Pure bred Registered Orientals only
All my cats are CCA or CFA registered

"The Smallest Feline is a Masterpiece"
Leonardo da Vinci

New litter of kittens born  
: from Parfait and

Born Monday april 21 14

New pictures :
as of May 14th